Fall Edit: Shoes

posted on: September 17, 2015

It’s recruitment week (holla at any current/former sorority girls!), so I’m trying to not pass out from exhaustion. This is a quick round up of shoes to get you through fall! Which one is your favorite?

Farewell Summer Nails

posted on: September 15, 2015

essie fiji, pale pink
essie fiji, pale pink essie fiji, pale pinkessie fiji, pale pink


I’m the first to admit I want some good old fashioned fall weather so I can wear sweaters and boots. Also, I love darker polishes. I even wore dark polishes throughout most of summer, which irritated my uncle to no end. But when I impulsively bought Essie’s Fiji, I knew I had the perfect summer color.

Side note: 90% of what I buy is impulse buying.

And, guys, when impulse buying pays off, it. Is. Everything. Fiji is the prettiest pale pink that makes your summer tan pop. I am in love with how NOT sheer it is. Let me say that again, pale pink polish that isn’t sheer. Are you as shocked as I am?


Hooray for Friday, vol. 1

posted on: September 11, 2015

wildfox mod hearts sweater


I promise you, this is not the only sweater I own. I’m just really, really obsessed and look for any excuse to wear it. This week I watched not one, but two, miniseries on Elizabeth I. I meant to watch the HBO version because I wanted to see Hugh Dancy, but accidentally watched the BBC Masterpiece Classics one instead. Which meant I had to go back and watch the HBO one, too. (I may or may not have a thing for Hugh Dancy.) Laugh all you want, but I now know all the main events of Elizabeth’s rule.

As if that wasn’t enough, Pandora is very insistent on playing ever song The Wanted have ever recorded (and their remixes) on my favorite party station. The Wanted haven’t been relative since 2012, so just chill Pandora. I’ve been thumb-downing them all week, but it’s never ending.

The highlight of my week had to be the sex ed/partying talk by Elaine Pasqua. You don’t usually think of sex ed talks as a riot, but this one was. There were also a few audience activities where this hilariously awkward guy kept volunteering. We nicknamed the STI Stallion (don’t ask) and spent all night wondering “does he even go here?” Turns out he does.

I hope everyone had a better week than I did, even if it wasn’t awful.

How gorgeous is this night picnic?!

Mindy Kaling’s second book comes out next Tuesday (!!) and her interview is gold. Obviously.

My latest Amazon order is supposed to give me amazing skin.

I also ordered silver sneakers, because why not?

What to do when a creeper wants your number.

Preach, my queen.

Love this look.

Jess’s tips and tricks for working from home.

The perfect lace up flats.

Disney castles and their inspirations.

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