Shopbop Friends & Family Favorites

posted on: April 9, 2015

Favorites from Shopbop

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I was supposed to post a new summer trends article today… key word being “supposed.” But in honor of Shopbop’s final hours of sale, I decided to round up some of my favorites. For the record, I already own the Alexander Wang tee in black (eight) and absolutely adore it. This shirt is worth every penny, and I plan on buying another one next year. I also just bough the nude sneakers (six), pink silk blouse (nine), and stipey button down (ten). I also bought a pair of mules… Yes, my budget is blown. No, I have no regrets.

Trend Alert: Tropical Prints

posted on: April 8, 2015

Trend Alert- Tropical Print


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The thought process of writing this post:

“Tropical prints are so in for this summer!”

“Wait, aren’t tropical prints in every summer?”

“This post is going to be the equivalent of ‘Florals for spring. How original.'”

“Should I write this post at all?”

“Whatever, I’m writing this post.”

And here we are folks, with a post telling you to wear tropical prints for summer. Groundbreaking, I know. But since these aren’t a chubby Midwestern man’s Hawaiian print shirt, I’m going to tell you to at least buy the pants. (Which, by the time this post goes up, may or may not be sold out.) Or go with the black, white, and tropical theme all the way and rock the pants with their matching tops. Because they’re gorgeous and I want them but I’m broke so I can’t have them… So someone should have them.

I’m rambling, but you guys get my point. It’s allllllllll about the black, white, and floral.

*hair flip*

p.s. Don’t forget to shop Shopbop’s sale for 25% off (see exclusions here).

Trend Alert: Maxi Dresses

posted on: April 7, 2015

The sexiest maxi dresses for summer 2015

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In the second installment of “Mona Tells You What To Buy,” we’re going to be focusing on the maxi dress. Even though maxi dresses have seen their fair share of summers, designers are now adding some unexpected and sexy little flares. Just because we’re covering our ankles, doesn’t mean we have to cover everything! My favorite dresses are the ones with the leg slit, because hellllooooo sexy. Others might opt for a deep V, which is equally sexy, but being well endowed up top, I prefer to keep le girls on lock. Or if you’re feeling like Aphrodite incarnate, you can rock dress numbah seven and show off everythaaanng.

So yes, you absolutely should go out and buy a new maxi dress. Because these are so not your granny’s maxi dresses.

Don’t forget to shop Shopbop’s Friends & Family sale for an extra 25% off anything- including sale items! It doesn’t get much better than this!

Full disclosure: I get commission when you shop from my links. So, like, shop from my links. So I can get mo’ money. So I can shop more. Y’all know what it’s like.

I love you, my beautiful blog buttercups!

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