Rock Your Brights

[ blazer: Mango | top: H&M | pants: Calvin Klein | shoes: unknown ]

I keep thinking that if I wear some brights, drink some smoothies, and eat some salads the weather will get better. It’s a rain dance of sorts, but for spring. It hasn’t been successful, and I’ve pulled out these pants and my neon yellow sweater.

Rocking a blazer when you’re tired is the best way to pretend you’re not tired. Blazer = put togetherness. No one will think anything else. Also, when you wear bright pants, people won’t be looking at the bags under your eyes, but rather the brightness of your pantalones. These tips are key when life get super busy (what’s up, graduation?), and for when you’re in a rush.

 photo IMG_9910_zps38852719.jpg
 photo IMG_9907_zps908bdab2.jpg
 photo IMG_9912_zps8e3404ec.jpg

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