Up In The Air


Sometime today I will be on a plane, flying across the Atlantic. I’m not exactly sure when, because I don’t really look at the itinerary. I know our stops (Amsterdam woot woot!), but since I’ll be traveling with my family, I’ll let them take care of it.

Let’s discuss packing, shall we? For our check in luggage, we shove all our summer clothes. It’s simple really: remove clothes from closet and shove suitcase. It’s the carryon that gets tricky. Flying across the Atlantic isn’t as glamorous as it sounds. It can get mind numbingly boring. But it can’t be all fun and games- what if your suitcase gets lost? It happens, trust.

Here’s the low down: I like to take a large purse or tote + a Samsonite carry on. Clothes, shoes, PJs, undies in the carry on. Entertainment and snacks in the purse. (And passport, tickets, money, etc. I’m not that frivolous.) Instead of my usual tote, I took my Swiss Army backpack. It’s easier to carry a Mac, iPad, and DSLR and keep it organized in my backpack than in a tote. Plus, this one unzips, so you don’t have to place your computer in bin. Everyone can use a little less hassle in an airport.

I pack my favorite clothes in the carry on, just in case the airline loses my check in luggage. then I shove PJs and unmentionables in unseen places. (My Samsonite has a zippered side that I always like to use.) You know, just in case I have to open it in the middle of the airport. We don’t want unmentionables all over Amsterdam’s airport floor, now do we? Seriously, hide the undies.



And instead of using a little ziplock for my liquids, I found this clear makeup bag at Claire’s and have been using it for travel for years now. Now God and everyone can still see all my liquids, but I don’t have to worry about anything ripping or opening by itself.

I’ll be posting less often on the blog, at least until I get settled. (You can keep up with my travels on Instagram and Twitter.) But I have an exciting project that’s already kinda sorta started, and I can’t wait to share it with you as soon as possible!

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