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The people of Egypt continuously amaze me. Not only did they rise up to overthrow Mubarak, but they managed to do the same to Morsi. While many countries and news channels insist on calling this historical event a coup, it is simply untrue. What happened on June 30th was a continuation of the January 25th Revolution. Former president Morsi failed the Egyptian people, and they held him responsible. Morsi was less concerned with the general welfare of the people, and more concerned with furthering the Muslim Brotherhood agenda.

One year after his election, the people returned to the streets to demand his removal. The protests of June 30th took place across Egypt and estimated at 30 million people. Meanwhile, Morsi’s supporters also took to the streets, but their numbers were meager compared to the opposition.

Three days, 30 million people, and no violence- until the Brotherhood took to the streets. I have no qualms with people expressing themselves, so long as they remain peaceful. However, the Brotherhood does not believe in peaceful; they believe in blood. On July 6th, Brotherhood members attacked unarmed protesters across Egypt. The neighborhood of Sidi Gaber in Alexandria saw violence and bloodshed  until the early hours of the morning. As of July 7th, there have been 74 deaths across Egypt.

The Brotherhood continues to encourage violence against the Egyptian people- their own countrymen. Brotherhood members have:

  • Thrown boys off the roof of a building. It happened on a building about a block from where I was. (You can see the video here. Warning: graphic content.)
  • Brutally attacked unarmed protesters, as well as police and soldiers.
  • Continuously encouraged bloodshed through their news channels, which was the reason for their arrest.
  • Hired men to shoot protesters.
  • Murdered their own members in order to blame the army.
  • Sabotaged the Cairo metro by scheduling two trains, full of passengers, to collide. Luckily, they were caught before the trains crashed.
  • Been arrested for creating assorted remote controlled explosives.
  • Attempted to block roads to keep protesters from arriving at Tahrir Square.

The list is rather long and was compiled after hours of watching assorted Egyptian news channels.

Try as they might, they just can’t scare the Egyptian people, who have taken to the streets again. Not only are they showing their support in the street, but the CBC channel has created a bank account for Egypt. Egyptians poor, rich, young, old, abroad, at home are all donating money to this account to raise funds for their country. It is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen- almost as beautiful as 30 million people flooding the streets simply because they love their country.

Sources: CBC, CBC +2, Dream, Dream 2, Al Yawm (news channels).

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