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1. The Most Adorable Baby Ever; 2. crystal pendant c/o 80/20 Neckwear; 3. crystal pendant & college hoodie on the plane ride; 4. Sperry’s are my favorite travel shoes; 5. my great-uncle’s birthday; 6. taking a break from the sea by chilling by the pool; 7. Ramadan celebrations in the City Center mall in Alexandria, Egypt; 8. nap time under the palm trees at Peace Spa & Resort 

Here are a few Instagrams of my summer abroad. I realize that I haven’t updated in ages, but I just didn’t have the time. I didn’t want to crap out a post just for the sake of posting (quality vs. quantity, anyone?), so I took some time to kick back and relax. Now that I’m back in the US of A and starting my first semester of college, I feel ready to get back into blogging.

I had a little project over the summer that I was working on with Cristina from 80/20 Neckwear. My plan was to take pictures of the necklace she had created in different places, but that didn’t pan out since: 1) it took too long to set it up for a shot, and 2) I looked like a weirdo doing so. Instead, I decided to take the pictures sans necklace and just tell you that I had it with me. All the time. Seriously, Cristina’s spiked rocker necklace is my lucky necklace; I would have a meltdown if anything happened to it. Her new crystal pendant, while not equally lucky, is easy to pair with almost any outfit. So if I wasn’t wearing one, I was wearing the other.

If you haven’t already checked out Cristina’s work, I highly recommend you do. (Pssst! 80/20 is about to launch some new designs soon!) I could sing her praises all day, and it would never do her justice! Cristina is an incredible artist and person, and I’m forever grateful that I met her through blogging.

Really, guys, I’ve missed you.

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