Take A Walk In The Sunshine



Light Fall Layers


[ button down: Tommy Hilfiger similar | jeans: GAP (how cute are these?!) | vest: old | watch: Fossil similar | Sperry’s ]

Photos by Jody Hoiten

With life being as hectic as it, it’s hard to convince myself to take a break from it all- even for a little bit. I get caught up in trying to do everything at once and forget to take care of myself. It’s a vicious cycle of exhaustion and unhappiness, and the best remedy is taking some time to do what you love. My favorite way to relax is taking a walk on the beach, but a park with changing leaves will do in a pinch. After thinking back on my favorite documentary, Happy, I’ve also started doing spin classes twice a week, watching part of a favorite TV while eating breakfast, and setting aside some reading time at night- just some fun things to clear my head and help me de-stress. I’ll be adding more activities as I work out a schedule, but baby steps.

What do you do to stay happy?

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