Tomato & Peach Spinach Salad




This could be my number one salad love. If I could share a BFF necklace with it, believe me, I would. It doesn’t get much easier:

  1. Grab a peach and a tomato. Chop ’em and whatnot.
  2. Toast some bread.
  3. Find a bowl and toss the above with some baby spinach, balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper, and olive oil.

As a college girl on the go, I layer the tomatoes and peaches at the bottom of a container. Then I toss them with balsamic, salt, pepper, and olive oil (although I sometimes skip it). Then I’ll layer the spinach on top, and the bread (again, sometimes I skip this too) on top of that. When it’s food time, I shake it all up before eating- that way I don’t get soggy spinach nastiness for lunch.

p.s. I once went a week eating nothing but this salad for lunch, even though I usually share Leslie Knope’s feelings towards a just salad meal.



(Leslie Knope photo via Mashable)

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