Enjoy Your Weekend

Park in the fall

This octopus tentacle ring makes me want to have a Pirates of the Caribbean marathon.

I finally got the Rebecca Taylor sweater I was drooling over. (There are only two left, and it’s 40% off!)

Helena’s leather blazer makes me jealous. Also, how effortlessly she pulls everything together. And congrats on her wedding 🙂

Costumes of Halloweens past from Keiko. They. Are. Rad.

Sonia’s last minute costume made my laugh in the middle of class.

I’m currently binge watching 30 Rock. Here are 30 hilarious quotes from the show and another 30 Liz Lemon quotes.

Also, Tina Fey hosts SNL.

Hairstyles for those windy winter days.

A sandwich for every day of the month.

Was I supposed to laugh that hard at this SNL commercial?

How to caramelize white chocolate. Yum.

This is my new iPad wallpaper. It brightens my day when I see it.

The complete collection of Roald Dahl books!


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