{Inspiration} Who Cares

I’ve been watching tons of 30 Rock lately, so it’s only appropriate that this week’s inspiration comes from Tina Fey. I love a strong, funny role model (see: Amy Poehler; Mindy Kaling). Last year, I read Bossypants and wrote three papers over it for my AP Comp class. Even three papers and hours of analyzing later, I never get tired of picking it up and reading a chapter when I’m feeling down. (My favorite chapter is A Series of Love Letters to Amy Poehler.) Which brings me to this quote. Everyone says that when you feel confident, you look more beautiful. So cliché, yet so true. The biggest part of that confidence is not caring what other people think. In the words of Tina and Amy, “Do what you want, and don’t care if they like it.”
p.s. I featured quite a few Tina Fey related links in my last Enjoy Your Weekend post. Check it out here.

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