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 [ cardigan: GAP | lip color: BA Star in Holiday Red ]

I’m not a bold lips kinda gal. I worry about getting it on my teeth or that it’ll come off during lunch. Don’t even get me started on my insecurities about whether or not I can actually pull it off.  But a growing part of me has been longing to be the girl that can casually pull off bright red lips (cough, Keiko, cough). Naturally, when BA Star asked me to sample their lip color in Holiday Red and review it, I was stoked. According to BA Star, they’re the number 1 makeup for performers, dancers, and cheerleaders. I might not be any of those, but I do love long-lasting makeup that I don’t have to worry about. BA Star’s lip color stayed on through my long college days and didn’t dry my lips out either. Plus, the pencil makes for easy application. Double points! My only problem was that it was so long lasting it left a little bit of reddish pink on my lips even after I wiped it off. Other than that, I love it. And for a limited time, BA Star is giving Chin Up, Buttercup readers 50% off with the code BBLIPS.

BA Star was generous enough to give me a sample to review. (Powered by BrandBacker.) All opinions are my own.

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