Zipped Up Tight

rebecca taylor sweater 2rebecca taylor sweater 3rebecca taylor sweaterrebecca taylor sweater 4rebecca taylor sweater detailsuede loafers

 [ sweater: Rebecca Taylor | coat: Espirit similar | jeans: Celebrity Pink | loafers: unknown ]

Photos by Jody Hoiten

Jody snapped these pictures of me ages ago, before all the snow and the pre-finals madness. It was two days after my Rebecca Taylor sweater arrived in the mail. I had ordered it from Shopbop and wore it the day it arrived to dinner at a professor’s house. Then I wore it the next day to meet up with Jody. Yes, I wore it two days in a row. I justified this in two ways: 1) no one saw me the night before who would see me the next morning, and 2) I was in LOVE. This sweater is genius! It’s warm sans bulk and the zippers (besides being gorgeous) give my fidgety hands something to play with. And yes, I did describe these zippers as gorgeous. Overall, this sweater was one of the best investments I’ve made, unlike those loafers. Clearly, I wasn’t thinking when I bought them because they are suede, meaning I can’t wear them in rain or snow. What was I thinking? This is South Dakota!

On a side note, things are about to get bonkers crazy with upcoming finals. I was planning on working on some posts, but I got caught up in the site redesign (you dig?). I can promise two super addictive recipes in time for Christmas and some holiday gift guides. I’ll try to get some more outfit posts up, but for the sake of my sanity, I’m making no promises in that department.

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  • These pictures are great!! She did a great job! Cool sweater!
    Sincerely, Sara

    • Thanks, Sara! Jody is crazy talented 🙂

  • i love these pics…you look so pretty! i also love that sweater. would you mind if we feature you on our blog tomorrow?

  • Adalia H.

    I love this outfit so much! That sweater is really great.



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