Influenster Jolly VoxBox

Jolly VoxBox

1. Skinny Cow chocolates |2. Rimmel London lip lacquer | 3. NYC New York Color eye shadow | 4. Puffs tissue pack | 5. Ducklings mini roll

My Influnester Jolly VoxBox arrived smack in the middle of finals week- talk about perfect timing! This meant I was unable to blog about it until now. Still, I was absolutely stoked to open it, and when I saw the chocolate, it was like the folks at Influenster had answered my prayers. We shan’t be discussing how much I stress ate, oh no we shan’t, but they were too good to resist. On the other hand, were the tissues foreshadowing certain doom? Say, a waterfall of tears mid-exam? I didn’t dwell on that part because MAKE UP! NYC’s HD color trio was the perfect color for my skin, and I love using the highlight shade to trick people into thinking I’m not bone tired and/or ready to keel over. The Rimmel lip lacquer was not my color; I prefer to put some balm on first, followed with a dab of the lip lacquer, and just blend it in with my finger. Waste not, want not, and now I have a great new lip stain! Still, I want to go back and try a different color. I  haven’t had to use the tape for anything… probably because I like to color too much to use.

Have you tried these? Would you try these? ‘Course you would! It’s chocolate and make up!

(These products were provided c/o Influenster for testing purposes.)

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  • Lol, I love the fact that they have the DuckTape just randomly added! But great box I think the eye shadow is my favorite 🙂
    – Sierra Calah ♡ Berry Stylish  
    Giveaway going on now!(: 

  • The eye shadow looks really nice! I actually just bought one of the Rimmel Show Offs yesterday, but then returned it a few hours later because I couldn’t stand the smell of the lip gloss. Too bad because it was really smooth and creamy!

    • I guess I didn’t notice the smell until you pointed it out, but I don’t wear too much at a time so it’s not noticeable.


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