Weekly Wrap Up

grumpy cat

This week I was in hard-core denial. (Who wants to volunteer to drag me back to college on Sunday?) Other than that, I’ve been as lazy as possible, and I plan on carrying on that theme throughout the weekend. Honestly, it feels like the best way to spend this weekend. Here are some of my favorite links from around the web:

Something about a new planner makes me feel like I have my life together even when it starts to fall apart, which it inevitably does. I was upset because I couldn’t get my hands on those beautiful Kate Spade planners, but I also love a good Moleskine planner.

The 21 Stages of Going Back to Work (or, in my case, college). So true.

16 awesome self-help books for the new year.

Start off 2014 by keeping up on current events. Sign up for the Skimm to get daily emails with all the top news in a simple, funny fashion.

I can’t wait to get my hands on this stunning cookbook.

Lessons in layering from The Man Repeller couldn’t come at a better time.

Ron Swanson’s approach to food.

Speaking of Parks & Rec, who else is loving Mona Lisa? Check her out here, here, here, and here. #girlbebatty

p.s. I will be calling people “jagweeds” from now on, and I thought everyone deserved a fair warning.

(Image via Time)

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