SOS: Save Our Skin (Winter Edition)

  1. Nivea Body Lotion: South Dakota winters are harsh- so, so harsh. Nivea is probably my favorite brand, and I’ve been using it since I was a little girl. This body lotion is by far the most hydrating one I own, and hydration is something my skin craves come winter time.
  2. Nivea Creme: When my skin is super dry, I turn to Nivea’s creme. It’s thicker and even more hydrating than the lotion.
  3. Clinque Dramatically Different: For my face, I love Clinque’s moisturizer. It’s nice and light, while keeping my face from drying out when walking across the frozen tundra campus.
  4. Jergens Natural Glow: I would like to go on record saying that never have I ever used fake tanner. Ever. I took a plunge with this product, and it paid off. The best part is that the color builds gradually and fades evenly. I don’t use it continuously, but I love the subtle glow it gives when I do. It gives just enough so I don’t look like the pastiest paste that ever did paste.
  5. Maybelline BB Cream: For a college girl on a budget, Maybelline’s BB Cream is a must.
  6. Burt’s Bees Lip Balm: I go through these balms like it’s my job. No other lip balm compares to Burt’s- at least, none that I’ve tried.
  7. Olay Pro-X Cleansing System: A few years ago I bought this because I didn’t want to splurge on a Clarisonic. Since I still haven’t bought a Calrisonic, I can’t truly compare. That being said, this has really helped soften my skin and reduce breakouts, so I would highly recommend this.
  8. Olay Microdermabrasion Kit: I like to use this kit to exfoliate my skin when it’s really dry; after a few uses, my skin becomes baby smooth again.
  9. Camelbak Water bottle: Everything I’ve listed hydrates skin from the outside, but hydrating from the inside is just as important. I can’t live without a water bottle of sorts, and a Camelbak is my go to.
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