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I’m ashamed to admit that besides textbooks, I’ve barely read anything this year. When I saw that B.J. Novak had written a book, I knew it was time to get my bookworm on. This is how I ended up with an Amazon cart full of some great books just in time for spring break. So, here’s what I’ll be up to while others hit the beach:

One More Thing: Why? Because B.J. Novak wrote this, that’s why.

The Happiness Project: I’ve been feeling down in the dumps lately, and I’m not one to wallow so I’m going to do something about that. Warning- my Happiness Project may involve more french toast and less scholarly research than Gretchen Rubin’s. Too each his own, friends.

Jerusalem: Something about Middle Eastern food makes me feel all warm and fuzzy- it’s my comfort food. This book is also the reason my house and I smell like a falafel cart.

(Also picture: my Moleskine planner and Piccadilly journal.)

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