Wardrobe Foundations

Going to college has given me a new perspective on wardrobe foundations. When I roll out of bed, I expect easy to put together outfits that I throw on for literally effortless style. What I usually see is 50 shades of what in God’s name was I thinking. The main reason is my style has evolved to more laid-back and understated than it was three years ago, when I first became interested in fashion and style. So, I’ve been saving up money to spend some quality basics for my new wardrobe. (This is where my hours of blog hopping and Pinterest browsing have come in handy.)

Ripped jeans: I used to think that ripped jeans were tacky, but when you pair them with the right tops and accessories, they can be chic and effortless. Check out this for inspiration.

White button down: Two words. So. Classic. If you’re going to spend money on one thing for a new wardrobe, it should be on this. A few years back, I spent more money than I ever have on a chambray button down. Best money I spent all year! It’s such a staple in my wardrobe, and this is even more essential. You can dress it up, down, and sideways!

Slouch tees: In high school, all my tees came from school activities. They were all low quality, terrible colors, strange graphics. But they were there and it was high school, so I never bothered to invest in anything else. Yes, it’s taken me a few years to see how wrong I was, but now I see what I was missing out on.

Designer black bag: One good handbag, that’s all you need. Preferably one big enough to carry everything from that perfect lipstick, wallet, and iPad to that pear you plan on snacking on instead of a candy bar but never do, a random pair of earrings, and assorted tea bags. Is that what’s in my bag? Yes, minus the perfect lipstick because I haven’t found that yet.

Nude heels: I have my eyes on these DVF nude wedges for spring and summer. I also think they’d be great for fall, and quite possibly winter. Certainly not South Dakota winters, but somewhere else winters.

Sneakers: No brainer college girl staples, stepped up a notch. How cool are those Marc Jacobs kicks?

Large metal watch: I already have a rose gold Fossil watch that I wear everyday, but my eyes have been wandering towards the gold and silver/gold ones. And I can’t wear the same watch everyday forever, now can I? I’ve had a white watch and a tortoise watch, but I get the most milage out of my rose gold one. So as far as accessory staples, the is the highest on the list.

Rings: I lost my favorite ring a week into my first semester; it was awful. Suddenly, my fingers felt naked and my hands just seemed plain and boring. I still haven’t found the perfect replacement, but I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites for comparison.

Statement necklace: Link jewelry is all the rage now, so I’ve been looking into statement necklaces that have that element. These necklaces would go great from everything from a casual tee or button down to a little black dress. I only need one, but it’s so hard to choose!

Pop of color: Most staples are neutral, but a closet can’t be all neutral. The best way to add a pop of color is with a tank, clutch/ small cross body, or flats. My favorite is a bright, pretty pair of flats.


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  • I used to dislike ripped jeans as well, but now I have a pair that’s slightly distressed and I love them! With more girly and tailored pieces, it really works! Love this rings!! I’m a ring fanatic!

    • I can’t decide which ring to buy! I’m so torn :/


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