Amsterdam Travel Diary


I had a wonderful time strolling around Amsterdam during the nine hour flight layover. We opted out of the canal tour, since we’ve been on one a few years back. Instead, we hopped on the first train out of Schipol Airport and spent our day roaming the streets. The city is so pretty, and the people are really friendly. We fueled up on shawarma and ice cream after our day out and about. Although what I really wanted was a giant cone full of fries, which they have.

So if you ever get the chance, haul your tush to Amsterdam because it’s so worth it.

If only for those fries in a cone.

Final Count

Pot stores: 5

Crocheted bikini tops: 2

People eating fries in a cone: 16

Cheese wheels in windows: 54

Mohawked biker with rat tail braids (yes, plural): 1

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  • Beautiful photos! I want to go!

    Also your blog is beautiful. I love it.

  • Dayne Prescott

    Beautiful beautiful photos! Glad you enjoyed your trip!

  • Antonio Vereen

    I went to Amersterdam as a kid when I live in Stuttgart, Germany. Would love to go back. Your pictures brought back many memories. Thank you so much, Mona!

  • Abundant Journeys

    Beautiful photos. We send so many clients there each year but only get to visit once a year ourselves.


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