DIY Gel Manicure

diy gel manicurediy gel manicurediy gel manicure

There are times (see: very often) that I feel like my life is falling apart. In the grand scheme of life, it’s not a totally horrible feeling. It pushes me, and in return, I push back.

One of my quick fixes is painting my nails. Freshly painted nails make me feel like I have my life together at the moment, and I can totally tackle the day. On the other hand (no pun intended, but is it even a pun?), I hate chipped nails. Since I can’t afford gel manicures on the reg, I’ve been on the hunt for long lasting nail polish/top coat/base coat. Basically, anything that will keep my nails from chipping.

Luckily, Laura had, hands down (#sorrynotsorry), the best solution! She uses a coat of gel base between each coat of color and then tops it with the fast dry top coat. When I’m feeling a little lazy, I use a coat of gel base, two coats of color, and the fast dry top coat. Either way, my manicure lasts for about a week (sometimes more)! It doesn’t really matter which color I use. Most of my polishes are Essie- I have a slight addiction. This at home “gel manicure” has been life changing. I get to save money, time, and feel put together. (Thank you, Laura!)

In conclusion: indestructible nails = indestructible me. That’s how that works, right?


Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

Gelous Base Coat

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Polish

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  • Ashley Chase

    I have not tried to give myself a gel manicure yet but it is definitely something I would love to try!


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