Gift Guide: Your Best Friend Who Is Addicted to Birchbox & Your Favorite TV Shows


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This gift guide is inspired by one of my best friends. She loves all the same TV shows as I do and is the one who got me hooked on Birchbox. She’s also one of the few people I know who loves to read. Her sense of humor is sarcastic and occasionally (read: almost always) inappropriate. This gift guide is full of presents she’d love, including cute accessories for her new grown up place.

Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Lipstick and eyeliner: Given the fact that her makeup is always perfect, you might shy away from buying her any makeup. But! You absolutely should. She’ll love to play around with these new products.
  • The Mindy Project pillow case: She loves the Mindy Project almost as much as I do, so the pillow case is an obvious choice. (Full disclosure: I own a matching shirt.)
  • Bob’s Burgers mug: She’ll enjoy sipping coffee out of this mug while student teaching. It may scare some of her students, but in a good way. At the very least, it’s a great conversation starter.
  • Swing Time by Zadie Smith: A good book is still a great gift, especially when she loves to read anything and everything. This book is new, so she hopefully hasn’t read it quite yet.
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