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Leslie Knope’s Best Excuses

posted on: May 1, 2014

Ones of the best Parks & Recreations moments (in my opinion) is when Leslie is trying to explain to the sexist park ranger how she shot Ron Swanson in the tush. Really, she’s covering for Tom, but that’s besides the point. The weekend is almost here, so enjoy!

Tomato & Peach Spinach Salad

posted on: October 2, 2013




This could be my number one salad love. If I could share a BFF necklace with it, believe me, I would. It doesn’t get much easier:

  1. Grab a peach and a tomato. Chop ’em and whatnot.
  2. Toast some bread.
  3. Find a bowl and toss the above with some baby spinach, balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper, and olive oil.

As a college girl on the go, I layer the tomatoes and peaches at the bottom of a container. Then I toss them with balsamic, salt, pepper, and olive oil (although I sometimes skip it). Then I’ll layer the spinach on top, and the bread (again, sometimes I skip this too) on top of that. When it’s food time, I shake it all up before eating- that way I don’t get soggy spinach nastiness for lunch.

p.s. I once went a week eating nothing but this salad for lunch, even though I usually share Leslie Knope’s feelings towards a just salad meal.



(Leslie Knope photo via Mashable)

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